All my life I’ve been averse to jelly-bean, sorbet-like colors, particularly when it comes to apparel. Colors that are so odious, so plastic, so staunchly opposed to the natural order and hue of things. Colors that insist on a certain obnoxiousness. You can’t order people to develop a sense of taste about stuff. Taste is a result of a thousand distastes, and either you get this at the end of the day or you don’t. Some people, clearly, are incapable of this — incapable of stepping back, examining their wardrobe and shoe closet and saying, “Holy shit…what am I doing?” Eyesore colors are conventional permutations in certain corners of Latino culture…intense teal, phosphorescent pinks….I get that. But I was still a little stunned this morning when I saw the below photo-plus-caption from Los Angeles broadcaster Elizabeth Espinosa.