With one of the worst Arturo Ui-like demagogues in the history of this planet moving into the White House in five days and the general terms of life for all but the well-heeled about to be profoundly degraded and perhaps even poisoned (God help us)…with the realization finally hitting most of us that this happened because too many left-of-center humanist types crawled so far into their own p.c. anal cavities that they told themselves that a palpable populist movement that was tapped into simultaneously by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders didn’t matter all that much, and that a fundamentally dislikable candidate with a checkered history, a braying voice, the vibe of an ex-wife and the manner of a testy substitute teacher could win the votes of Middle Americans…with all of that horror descending upon us like the furies, it hit me this morning that Oliver Stone‘s inches speech is something to meditate upon. Substitute the football terminology for the political-cultural stuff, and it all sounds exactly right.

“We can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back, into the light…we can climb out of hell, one inch at a time.”

Apology: I used the above YouTube version because it had the best sound and best resolution, but I’m sorry for the spelling of Al “Pachino” — can you imagine being so fucking dumb that you would spell it that way?

“Yes, this is real life…this is really happening”: