I wasn’t always a self-employed journalistic brand. In my 20s and 30s I was hustling jobs and leads like everyone else, and so I naturally put a lot of care and effort into maintaining a handsome, well-ordered professional resume. I might have been dying inside, but the better the resume looked, the better I felt.

I stopped thinking about resumes 30 years ago, thank God, but now, thanks to the terror of Soviet Millennial wokester blacklisting, I’m thinking it might be wise to step back into the resume pit. Just to be on the safe side.

The paywall thing (launching soon) will generate income and I expect that award-season ads will happen next fall (as they did earlier this year), but who knows if things will work as planned? As far as maintaining the relatively modest Jeff-and-Tatiana lifestyle is concerned, I mean.

So I’m creating a new resume and will begin to sniff around for opportunities. It’s like being 33 again…love it! Life is a barrel of excitement, never a dull moment, etc.

“Dear Prospective Employer: I’ve been a hotshot Hollywood journalist-columnist-critic for three decades now, and I’m proud and satisfied to say that my professional life has flourished during this period. But lately the jackals have been circling and taking little flesh nips and drawing blood, and so after some reflection and meditation,” etc.