A financial-sector guy who always sends me reactions to HE stories rather than post a public comment says he’s totally smitten by Inception. “I saw it yesterday and the only knock I can come up with on it is that it might be too good,” he writes.

“I was telling some co-workers that this guy might be the answer to every gripe people have about Hollywood these days. ‘There are no original stories,’ ‘Too much CGI,’ ‘Sick of 3D,’ ‘Everything is dumbed down,’ etc. Nolan is making high-level high stakes popcorn movies that deliver on almost every angle and in the face of a degree of difficulty that no one else has to face. We are witnessing the natural progression of genius and we have no idea what his ceiling is.

“The only question that exists for Nolan now is not ‘can he’ but ‘for how long can he do it?’ Obviously that remains to be seen, but right now at this moment, he’s the best screenwriter and director on the planet — due respect to Ridley, Almodovar, Coens or any other name you want to throw out there. No one else can pull of something this good of this scale twice in a row. We should remember this time when a real genius is at his absolute best and the future looks brighter still. It’s a good time to be into stuff like this.”