Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) is looking to reboot the long-dormant Ghostbusters franchise by using female leads — i.e., an ectoplasmic Bridesmaids. Deadline‘s Michael Fleming feels “slimed” by the news but I’m just…I don’t really feel anything, to be honest. Vague stirrings of contempt are lurking somewhere but mainly I feel sorry for Feig. The guy who redefined women’s humor in mainstream cinema, who uncorked a new female comic sensibility by adopting the bawdy, low-rent riffs and coarse loser attitudes that had more or less been the exclusive province of male-starring comedies….this is the best he can come up with? I don’t know anything but I wouldn’t be surprised if Feig has been having difficulty finding an original female-comedy project that the studios will greenlight. I do know that he’s going with an easy cash-in — a reboot of one of (a) the most popular 20th Century comedies every made that is nonetheless (b) one of the emptiest, most over-produced pieces of effects-reliant swill ever served at the multiplex. Feig is just trying to stay afloat in the Colorado rapids — I get that — but he’s also helping to deplete, degrade and corporatize mainstream cinema.