Alexandros Avranas‘s Dark Crimes (Saban, 5.18) is a 2016 Polish-American detective drama film, written by Jeremy Brock and based on David Grann‘s 2008 New Yorker article “True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery”, about convicted murderer Krystian Bala.

Pic stars Jim Carrey, Agata Kulesza, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kati Outinen, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Marton Csokas. Principal photography began on 11.12.15 in Kraków, Poland. Under the title True Crime, it premiered on 10.12.16 at the Warsaw Film Festival, and it’s only just opening now, 18 months later. What does that tell you?

From Neil Young’s Hollywood Reporter review: “Spicy real-life ingredients and a terrific international cast are frustratingly wasted in True Crime, in which Jim Carrey — essaying the most serious role of his mercurial career — makes a reasonable stab at playing an obsessive Polish cop tackling that one inevitable last case before retirement.”