Six months from now, when everyone finally gets a peek at Damian Chazelle‘s First Man (Universal, 10.12), the following words from Norman Mailer‘s “Of A Fire On The Moon” (otherwise known as Taschen’s “Moonfire“) might come in handy:

“One could hold the thought that the real function of the WASP was not to create Protestantism, capitalism, the corporation or a bastion against Communism, but that the WASP had emerged from history in order to take us to the stars. How else to account for that strong, severe, Christian, missionary, hell-raising, hypocritical, ideologically simple, patriotic, stingy, greedy, God-fearing, nature-despoiling, sense-destroying, logic-making, technology-deploying, brave human machine of a WASP? It was a thought with which to begin to look at astronauts.”

There’s a problem with this idea, of course. There are few epithets that carry more sting and derision these days than WASP or “white guy.” Nobody with a brain or developed social-political survival skills wants to celebrate anything fundamentally white. At all. Partly because of Donald Trump and the evil bumblefuck culture that supports him no matter what. We’re in the middle of an era in which progressive urban elites are committed to the ascendancy and empowering of non-WASP tribes, partly for equality and decency’s sake and partly as a means of redressing centuries of horrid oppression of said tribes by WASP authority types and Anglo-Saxon culture in general.

So how will a film that will almost certainly raise a toast to whitey accomplishment…how will it fare among terrified-of-their-own-p.c.-shadow critics, which is to say almost all them except for X-factor types like myself? Somehow or some way, the identity-attuned, diversity-above-all crowd (and you know who I mean) is going to try to find a way to diminish First Man because of this. Because Chazelle’s film will almost certainly be saying something thematically that they don’t want to hear, and certainly not celebrate. Trust me — they’re going to go after this film, however good or bad it turns out to be.