Hollywood Elsewhere and producer Victoria Wisdom happily schmoozed at two pre-Golden Globe parties today — a La La Land soiree at Ciccone’s West Hollywood followed by a Paramount gathering at the Chateau Marmont. La La attendees included Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, director-writer Damian Chazelle, composer Justin Hurwitz; the only headliners I noticed at the CM were Arrival‘s Amy Adams and Paramount honcho Brad Grey, although I heard Florence Foster Jenkins star Meryl Streep was around. Then I got back and assessed the photos, and I have to say I’m getting fed up with the occasionally cruddy quality of my iPhone 6 Plus technology. I looked at a Canon Powershot G5X a couple of days ago at Samy’s on Fairfax — a better device than the old Powershots of five or six years ago, for sure, but $700 and change? A tax deductible purchase but I flinched all the same.

(l. to r.) Ryan Gosling, La La lyricist Justin Paul, composer Justin Hurwitz, producer Marc Platt, Emma Stone at Ciccone’s — Saturday, 1.7, 4:35 pm. (Murky, muddy, nowhere near sharp enough — fail.)

Damien Chazelle, Victoria Wisdom. (Very unhappy with photo quality.)

Chazelle, La La Land costar John Legend. (Ditto.)

Chateau Marmont men’s room.

Victoria Wisdom, Tom Hiddleston.

(l. to r.) Paul, Hurwitz, Stone, lyricist Benj Pasek.