For the second time in two days, Hollywood Elsewhere is raising a glass and offering a hearty pat on the back to Ryan Gosling — first for delivering a supple and layered-enough performance in Lars and the Real Girl to persuade Huffington Post guy Nick Antosca that Gosling’s Lars may be a serial killer in sheep’s clothing, and secondly for exiting the set of Peter Jackson‘s The Lovely Bones one day before the start of principal photography over “creative differences.”

Ryan Gosling; Peter Jackson

The story obviously won’t be complete until somebody divulges the particulars, but anyone who tells the notoriously unrestrained and full-of-himself Jackson to go fly a kite gets a thumbs-up from this corner on general principle.

Mark Wahlberg has replaced Gosling; shooting starts today in Pennsylvania.

Slate‘s Kim Masters is reporting that the Gosling walk-off “may lead to litigation, though it’s still unclear what the fight was about.” She also speculates that the incident may be “worrisome” for Gosling, what with ticking off Jackson and DreamWorks honcho Steven Spielberg simultaneously. Ryan, you have earned the loyalty and respect of untold multitudes by telling Jackson where to shove it, including, I’m sure, many people in the industry. Good fellow!