Forwarded last night by Stuart Cohen, this slightly enhanced color snap of Michael Rennie during the filming of The Day The Earth Stood Still (‘51) is, according to Cohen, from a LIFE magazine shoot. The shamrock-green outfit (notice the slight sparkle effect) seems intense, but color flash photography had that effect. Plus the car Rennie was standing next to and the parking lot in which this and other cars were parked and the warm dusk-hour lighting (the area appears remote and undeveloped) seem natural enough.

There’s something odd about this kid. That strangely mature-seeming face. He looks like a 27 year-old shrunk down to the size of an eight-year-old. I’m not “odd”-shaming him — he grew into a sane and sensible performer who went on to fame and fortune — but you have to admit he had a peculiar tyke vibe.