Pretty much all the difficulty in Jurassic World boils down to Indominus Rex getting loose and going on a killing spree — tourists, other dinosaurs, anything that moves. Around the halfway mark a deranged corporate guy (Vincent D’Onofrio) brings in a team of heavily armed SWAT commandos — guys with all kinds of automatic weapons, heavy artillery, helicopters, etc. D’Onofrio says he wants to use Chris Pratt‘s smart raptors to fight Middle-Eastern terrorists, but he doesn’t have any strategic plans for the Rex. The only shot is to kill the fucker, and yet somehow D’Onofrio’s guys are unable to, even from a chopper above. And what about the regular Jurassic World guys? Are you telling me they aren’t armed just in case? Indominus Rex is big and scary and ferocious, but he’s made of flesh, blood and bone. He could definitely be killed with a few shots to the head or the heart. And yet pretty much the whole film hangs on the inability of anyone to manage this. Ludicrous.

Sometimes an element like this can stop a film cold, and sometimes it doesn’t matter. An example of the latter is that big gate in King Kong — the gate in the middle of that huge wall built by the natives on Skull Island. If you’ve built a huge wall to keep Kong and various dinosaurs from trashing your village and eating half the populace, why the hell would you build a gate big enough for Kong to walk through? Absolute insanity but no one ever mentions this.