Michael Ritchie‘s Prime Cut (’72) is a moderately interesting, high-grade exploitation film. Women treated as cattle, meat for sale, property. More than a bit offensive by the cultural standards of ’72, grotesque by today’s standards. But this restaurant scene is nice. Apart, that is, from the absurd notion that Sissy Spacek, a young Midwestern prostitute who’s been adopted by Chicago gangster Lee Marvin, would wear a transparent dress without a bra to an upscale restaurant. But the quietness of this scene is nice. There’s a gentle, kindly vibe between the paternal Marvin and the socially uncertain Spacek. And it offers very little dialogue, and the dialogue you do hear is peripheral. Scenes with scant or no dialogue are relatively rare these days. Apart from The Artist, what 21st Century films have used silence in a scene that lasts…oh, 45 seconds or longer?