Roman Polanski‘s The Ghost Writer “has some of the same elements as Chinatown in that it’s about “a hero who is never quite as smart as he believes because he’s looking at only a small section of the puzzle, without realizing that there is more to it than he can take in.

“The script, by Polanski and novelist Robert Harris, does offer clues – but it resolutely puts us in the ghost’s shoes. The Ghost Writer can be frustrating because you only know as much as the main character right up until the final scene. But when it all becomes clear, all the jagged edges go away and the film comes into focus as the well-honed thriller it has been all along.” — from Marshall Fine ‘s 2.16 review.

You want frustrating? The Ghost Writer opens on 2.19 and I’ve received no screening invites from 42West or Summit…zip. Calls and e-mails to various parties have revealed no further information.