Who decides after 50 years of avoiding media attention that they want to jump into big-time politics as a U.S. Senator, a big-league, rough-and-tumble job that’s not for novices or the faint of heart, and has always demanded some basic fire-in the belly ambition? Caroline Kennedy just doesn’t strike me as the type.

She seems to have warmed to the idea of filling Hillary Clinton‘s Senate seat because she wants to do good things and help build a better future in the genteel climate of an Obama administration, but I think she lacks the necessary steel. Or so my character instinct tells me. Wanting to serve doesn’t mean zip if you don’t have the moxie and the social gregariousness and shrewd backroom moves that any tough operator needs. Plus she has a very dull speaking style.

Just today some press people asked about Kennedy’s qualifications and whatnot and she ducked into a black SUV because, according to this N.Y. Times story, her aides didn’t want her to talk. If Ms. Kennedy can’t get into a little tennis ball back-and-forth with the press about her ambition and background and whatnot, why in hell is she lobbying to be a U.S. Senator? No would-be legislators run from the press unless they’re facing indictment or some other kind of career-threatening situation.