In a post up today, Filmmaker‘s Nick Dawson asks Nothing But The Truth director-screenwriter Rod Lurie if he knew in advance that the film’s distributor, the Yari Film Group, was headed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“I didn’t know,” Lurie responds. “I found out about 6pm [on December 12] and it was really, absolutely shocking. At this moment, I still haven’t spoken to Bob [Yari] and I’m sure he’s got incredibly important things to do. None of us really knows what it’s really going to mean, how it’s going to affect the film.

“Probably it will have it’s Academy [Awards] qualifying run and [then] there’s going to be a situation where it probably will have to get sold to another distributor. It’s rather stunning.

“This town is littered with the corpses of movies that got trapped in bankruptcies and companies that went under and we just want to do everything we can not to become one of those films. It’s very possible. I’m so proud of all the actors involved in this film, and I can’t believe that I’ve spent over a year working on nothing but this – my whole heart is in it – and then goodbye Charlie. But hopefully it will work itself out, because the Yari people are good people. They just got really trapped in really horrible economic vise.”