A second lawsuit filed by a former teenaged “twink” against Bryan Singer was announced yesterday by attorney Jeff Herman. The plaintiff is anonymous and British and younger than the first plaintiff, Michael Egan, as he claims to have been violated at a tender age at a Superman Returns after-party, or eight years ago. A statement reads that the plaintiff has only recently become cognizant of the “psychological and emotional injuries, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life” as a result of the alleged sexual abuse. Translation: the plaintiff read about Egan’s lawsuit against Singer and figured he could join in.

Singer has led a libertine life over the past 18 or so years. No one’s disputing that. Perhaps an age-of-consent line was inadvertently crossed once or twice, but powerful Hollywood types have been liberally partaking of sexual opportunities with young, looking-to-break-in partners for a long, long time. It’s how things have operated since the days of the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company and the 1914 release of The Squaw Man. Favor for favor. An industry friend believes that Herman is on to something and that many more plaintiffs will be coming forward once the momentum really starts.

In a 4.19 HE piece called “Shake The Tree, Find More Twinks,” I floated a suspicion that “the reason Egan’s attorney Jeff Herman staged a press conference two days ago (i.e., Thursday) was that he was looking to ‘shake the tree’ in hopes of getting ‘more plaintiffs’ — i.e., twinks who may or may not have ‘been’ with Singer under similar circumstances — to come forward. Egan joined by a fresh twink means a stronger case against Singer; Egan plus two or three twinks means an even stronger case, and so on.”