I haven’t bought a juvenile toy since the kids grew out of it. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one for myself outside of squirt guns. But today I’m seriously thinking of getting a Syma S107 toy helicopter. Tom Risch, an old friend and a renowned inventor (he created Misto, the gourmet olive-oil sprayer) demonstrated the Syma 107 during a dinner last night at his Westport home. Other than that earth-shaking development there isn’t a whole lot to say this morning. I’m in Connecticut, the temperature is on the cool side, etc. (Observational aside: I hate sitting in restaurants and occasionally watching people eat. Especially older folks. Eating is a very unattractive activity from a purely visual standpoint. Every time I watch someone else eat I tell myself to never eat anything other than small portions of fruit, and sparingly.) Maybe I’ll have another look at Ida this afternoon. Dinner with a director friend this evening in Soho.