Variety‘s Pamela McClintock is reporting that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has earned an estimated domestic haul of $201.2 million domestic, a result of business at 4,234 theaters. This is the biggest five-day haul ever after The Dark Knight. Pic’s worldwide total through Sunday was $387 million, one of the best global debuts of all time.

Excuse me but I need to go slit my wrists now.

The good news is that The Hurt Locker had a great opening also. The three-day estimate is $144,000, which came from playing at four theaters for a per-theater average of $36,000. Some were guessing a $30k-per-screen average based on Friday’s business. As Coming Soon’s Ed Douglas puts it, “This is pretty strong for a movie with no big name actors. It played to sold-out audiences at all 4 theaters (2 in NY, 2 in LA). It’s important to note that unlike other limited run films that have multiple prints at each theater, this was not the case for The Hurt Locker, thus demonstrating the true audience demand for the film and a representation of the film’s potential.”