No way am I buying a 25th anniversary Goodfellas Bluray, I told myself. The 2007 Bluray I already own is fine. Then I read Michael Reuben’s review: “Under Martin Scorsese‘s supervision, Goodfellas has been newly scanned at 4K resolution from the original camera negative [and] then color-corrected in the digital domain. Clarity, sharpness and densities are superb. The blacks are deep, the contrast is excellent. Colors are wonderfully saturated without any bleeding, which is especially important due to the frequent and strategic use of bright red lighting. A natural-looking grain pattern is readily observable that, in motion, is much finer than may appear when frames are frozen for screenshots. The difference [between this and the 2007 Bluray] was immediately obvious. The 2007 release seems [to be] covered with a layer of haze, largely because the contrast is too high and the image is overbrightened. This may have resulted from an attempt to increase the perception of detail on an older scan, but the new transfer needs no such aid. The detail is there for real, and the greater accuracy in black level and contrast provides more sense of transparency and depth.” I’m a schmuck but I guess I’ll buy the newbie after all.

(l.) 2007 Goodfellas Bluray; (r.) 25th anniversary remastered Bluray.