I saw a film last night (never mind which one) at the Landmark plex on Pico and Westwood Blvd. I was parked on the fourth level down, and for some nonsensical reason I imagined that I’d be able to escape within a reasonable time frame. No such luck. Two or three rows of cars feeding into a single line that literally inched along when it was moving at all. It took me eight to ten minutes to move less than 15 feet. That’s it, I told myself. I parked the car and went up the escalators to Pico Blvd. and had a little sushi and a bowl of Miso. 40 minutes later I was back on parking level 4 only to discover another line of cars barely moving. It took a good 20 minutes to reach the street-level exit, partly due to a malfunctioning parking ticket machine in one of the lanes. I’ll never park in that godawful concrete prison ever again.