I don’t feel good about copying anything from WENN, but Audrey Tautou‘s (alleged) comments about her playing opposite Tom Hanks in The DaVinci Code were precisely what I was thinking when I first heard of her casting. The piece says she was on holiday in Mexico when she was first contacted by director Ron Howard to play the part of Sophie, and that she “refused to go to LA and screen test opposite Hanks, as she felt too young to play the part.” But Howard “was determined to have her in the film. WENN quotes Tatou as saying, “I didn’t refuse to see [Howard]. He was doing one day of casting where he was going to meet everyone, but I was in Mexico and I said it’s not even worth it for me to go. I didn’t see how it could work. I thought this character had my strong-mindedness but it didn’t go further than that. And I thought at 27 that I was a bit too young when Ron contacted me. To me, Sophie was older.” Precisely! It was my feeling from the get-go that Sophie should have been played by Julie Delpy. Not only is the 36 year-old Delpy more age-appropriate for the 49 year-old Hanks, but, unlike the situation with Tatou, Hanks doesn’t appear to outweigh her by 70 or 80 pounds.