There’s a significant comment in this Indiewire piece about Polly Cohen‘s stepping into Mark Gill‘s recently-vacated job as president of Warner Independent. It comes from WB production chief Jeff Robinov when he says that “the unit will pursue genre films, which it hasn’t released in the past.” Does Robinov mean genre films by way of Dimension or lionsgate or Screen Gems, which is to say schlock fantasy-horror with teenagers getting eaten or stabbed or chain-sawed to death? I don’t think Robinov means smarty-pants genre films…I think he means he wants Warner Independent to make some money by pandering to the repressed sex-death fantasies of cretin-class under-25s. The mind reels at the idea of the gentle and delicate Laura Kim applying her marketing skills to the selling of some forthcoming Warner Independent bucket-of-blood teen slasher pic.