“With all of this talk about film restorations and recuts, I want to mention the restoration of Michael Powell‘s The Red Shoes on Blu-Ray,” says HE reader James Kent. “I’d only seen this film once before (a couple of years back on an HD cable station) and was struck by the legendary visuals and cinematography by Jack Cardiff. I knew the Criterion Bluray had to be special, but holy crap — it’s by far the most amazing pure-visual film I have ever seen. There isn’t a mark on this thing. It’s as if you’re in a screening room in 1948, and it’s being perfectly projected without a single scratch. It is restoration done right. It is probably a better visual picture than what was originally projected, but in this case — any upgrades are definitely an improvement. If you are a lover of film cinematography, Jeff. I encourage you to get it. Amazing.”