Todd Solondz is suddenly looking at some tough child-molester-movie competition from David Schwimmer. Especially with Schwimmer using first-rate actors — Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Viola Davis, Jason Carke. Trust is playing the 2010 Toronto Film Festival, and if it’s well made, terrific. But the trailer makes it seem like an emotional-bait movie for saps, and something in me just rebels at this kind of thing.

The message titles on the trailer confirm it is exploitation of the lowest order, playing on the fears of people who long for absolute security, etc. Clive puts expensive locks on his doors, wants nothing more than to protect his family. But the child molesters will find and molest der kinder no matter what kind of locks anyone buys and how good a parent he/she is, the trailer says. There’s no way to protect them, and the cops (i.e., Clarke) won’t do the Harry Callahan thing. Five’ll get you ten Clive turns vigilante in Act Three.