A new poll from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia reveals that “over half of Trump voters surveyed, and 41% of Biden voters, are in favor of blue and/or red states seceding from the union.”

Similar findings emerged on 7.15.21 about a YouGov poll having found that “66% of Republicans in southern states want to secede from the United States.”

Hollywood Elsewhere has been advocating for a Czechoslovakian-style split of the U.S.A. for eight, nine years now.

In 2012 I posted a sincere piece called “Solve Almost Everything.” It basically said that if you cut loose the hinterland crazies many of the nation’s problems would vanish in one fell swoop. In 2014 a book by a right-wing guy, Douglas Mackinnon, called for the same thing. Secede from the multicultural U.S. of A., form a “traditional values” nation called Reagan (screw minorities, LBGTQs, progressive women) and peacefully coexist.

“Break the country into two nations like Czechoslovakia did. A red Slovakia and a blue Czech Republic. Most of the economic vitality and enlightenment are concentrated in the blue states (I think), and a lot more could get done if the blues could run things in a reasonable, less-crazy fashion. Let the reds have their retrograde, anti-healthcare, let’s-preserve-our-white-heritage attitudes with their higher divorce rates and fatty foods and worship of old-school, fossil-fuel lifestyles and “drill, baby, drill.”

“Everyone could still travel around and visit the other sector any time they want. Nothing would change access-wise. Northerners could still drive down to see relatives and visit Texas any time. Manhattan hipsters could still visit Austin during South by Southwest. They could still go down to Louisiana and get drunk and buzz around on the bayou on flatboats. Everything would be the same except that most of the foul people would be running their own red nation, and would have a lot less to say about the progressive shape of things as far as the serious money and real power centers are concerned.

Abraham Lincoln said that a nation divided against itself — a Northern United States vs. a Confederacy — cannot stand. He may have been right in the early 1860s, but today geographical unity isn’t what it used to be. And a nation like ours, paralyzed by the refusalism of the loony-tune right, is pretty much a stagnant and ungovernable thing. Cut out the fungus, let the cultural conservatives have their Dogpatch Nation and things will be better. And we could still enjoy each other’s company when we feel like it.”