Thanks to HE reader Kevin Kunze for digging up an alleged copy of Tony Soprano‘s driver’s license, as featured on The site contends that the New Jersey license is a genuine article “from the Sopranos set,” whatever that means.

At the very least the 1959 birth year agrees with Soprano’s Wikipedia page. Which is yet another indication that William Ludwig‘s Tony is indeed eight years old during the 1969 portion of The Many Saints of Newark.

As I wrote earlier today, this timeline unfortunately makes Tony 12 years old in the second half (or final 70 minutes) in ‘71, which doesn’t fit as Michael Gandolfini, 20 when MSON began filming began in ‘19, is supposed to be around 16 or 17.

Excerpt: “For Michael’s casting to completely work Tony Soprano would have to have been born in ‘55 or thereabouts, which throws other timelines out of whack. When he cast Michael as teenaged Tony, Chase was obviously saying to himself and to MSON colleagues “this doesn’t add up but Michael is such a good call in other respects that we’re just going to hope that no one does the math or complains too much.”