If you’re going to mount plywood over your display windows for fear of an election riot, do it with style and flair.

Marlon Brando and friends sometime around ’71. Same appearance and hair length as he displayed in The Nightcomers and Last Tango in Paris. The woman is Jill Banner (The President’s Analyst), whom Brando met during the filming of Christian Marquand‘s godawful Candy (’68). Banner died in a Ventura Freeway auto accident in August ’82.

A pair of clear plastic masks arrived today. Much better than common masks. You can breathe more easily, for one thing.

Larry Karaszewski’s “A Handful of Worms” was a decent album for a first-time effort. Alas as we all know, Larru abandoned music and, to our general benefit, turned to screenwriting.

Most appallingly dressed generation in American history, and perhaps in the history of the world.