One thing that gave me the willies (aka “heebie-jeebies”) until last night was the terrifying prospect of Parasite winning both the Best Picture and Best International Feature Oscar on the night of Sunday, February 9th.

Well, scenarios of this type can be permanently eradicated if the Academy simply follows the suggestion of HE commenter “JoeS.” Here’s what he posted this morning, to wit:

“One thing the Academy should explore is to adopt a rule that if you are nominated in both Foreign Film and Best Picture, then one of the nominations must be vacated and the next in line should take that nomination slot.

“It would be done in advance with the producers of the film in question, allowing them to choose which nomination they prefer to compete in. The public would never know and that would be that. This would prevent columnists (like Wells) and industry reporters complaining about double-dipping and that sort of thing.

“I suppose the rule should also apply to the Documentary and Animation categories, too. No Doc has been nominated for Best Picture, but a few Animated features have

“It would also have the side benefit of taking away the monumental advantage a Foreign Language film has in the International Category. No film that has been nominated in both has ever lost the Foreign Language category (i.e., Roma, Life Is Beautiful, Amour). The other nominees might as well not bother to campaign.

Michael Moore has already set a precedent of sorts: He withdrew Fahrenheit 911 from consideration as Documentary Feature and tried to secure a Best Picture nomination. He didn’t get one, and he did it publicly (I would do it privately). I think Cuaron and Roma might have actually won had he done the same last year.”