A 5.12 Badass Digest piece by Moises Chiullan complained that the forthcoming, all-bells-and-whistles Citizen Kane Bluray package includes only a DVD of Orson WellesThe Magnificent Ambersons (’42) and not a Bluray. A high-def Ambersons would be welcome, of course, but I’ve never gotten the fervor so I’m not all that put out.

I’ve twice seen the general-release, famously-truncated version of The Magnificent Ambersons — Welles original 135-minute cut is gone forever — and the second time was a bit difficult to get through…sorry. Everyone loves the production design and the first 20 to 30 minutes (an affectionate evocation of America’s gentile, horse-and-buggy days before the automobile) but Tim Holt‘s arrogant scion is such a drag to hang with.