Every year I try to do my best in covering the Cannes Film Festival. I think I do an above-average job. But what I really excel at is missing the debut showing of at least one stand-out film. Each and every year about halfway through the festival I fail to make an 8:30 am screening that turns out to be exceptional. This year, apparently, that film is Aki Kaurism√§ki‘s Le Havre.

The Artist is no longer the best crowd-pleaser in competition at Cannes,” Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn tweeted a while ago. “That honor goes to Kaurismaki’s sweet deadpan comedy Le Havre.” And from Sasha Stone: “Really loved Le Havre. Wonderful film. Funny, sweet, ironic.”

I guess I’ll try to catch Le Havre sometime tomorrow at the Salle Soixentieme.