“Some have constructed a counter-narrative to discredit this process on the grounds that we didn’t launch a similar investigation into the urban riots and looting that occured last summer [following the death of George Floyd]. I was called on to serve during the summer riots as an air national guardsman. I condemn the riots and destruction of property that resulted. But not once [during those disturbances] did I ever feel that the future of self-governance was threatened like I did on January 6th. There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law.” — Rep. Adam Kinzinger, speaking this morning during committee hearings on the 1.6 Capitol assault.

Comment #1: Kinzinger is a decent, thoughtful, principled human being who has no future in the sociopathic bumblefuck cult that calls itself the Republican party.

Comment #2: There were some suppressed tears this morning during testimony from the security guys. Kinzinger also let go with a few. There’s no question in my mind that vivid recollections of the pain and trauma of January 6th fueled this morning’s emotion, but the sniffles are one more reason why Kinzinger has no future as a Republican. Rightwing males don’t relate to politial PDE**. Just saying.

Comment #3: Having observed rioting, looting and the burning of a building during one of the Floyd disturbances in West Hollywood, I can testify first-hand that a lot of people helped themselves to free footwear that day.

** public displays of emotion