Over the last two or three days journos have received invites to almost every award-season film that hasn’t yet screened — Denzel Washington‘s Fences, Ben Affleck‘s Live by Night, Stephen Gaghan‘s Gold, Robert Zemeckis‘s Allied, Theodore Melfi‘s Hidden Figures, Taylor Hackford‘s The Comedian, Juan Antonio Bayona‘s A Monster Calls. (Invites to the Bayona actually came in a bit earlier.) All of these will be seen before 11.17, which is convenient given that Hollywood Elsewhere leaves that day for the Key West Film Festival. The only logistical hang-up is the closing-night screening of Peter Berg‘s Patriot’s Day — maybe CBS Films will allow some of us see it a little early. Right now the only December hold-outs are Martin Scorsese‘s Silence (which, I’m guessing, will probably screen right before Thanksgiving — 11.21 or 11.22), John Lee Hancock‘s The Founder and Morten Tyldum‘s Passengers.