Last Monday’s remark from Tony Curtis [go south about 12 items] about not having seen Brokeback Mountain and that he probably won’t between now and balloting time has led me to re-read Nikki Finke‘s Feb. 2 L.A. Weekly column and re-consider that she might have been on to something. It began with her saying that “this year’s dirty little secret is the anecdotal evidence pouring in to me about hetero members being unwilling to screen Brokeback Mountain. For a community that takes pride in progressive values, it’s shameful that Hollywood’s homophobia may be on a par with Pat Robertson’s. Despite the hype you’re reading in the press and on the internet about Brokeback, with its eight nominations, being the supposed favorite to take home the Best Picture Oscar on March 5, Crash could end up winning. The issue isn’t which film is better. The issue is more like which movie was seen by the Academy.”