New York Post critic Lou Lumenick pays a visit to the last operating grindhouse in the New York City area. It’s a greasy dump called the Fair Theatre, “a successor to the tradition of the crumbling, grimy showplaces that used to line both sides of 42nd Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, located on a shabby stretch of Astoria Boulevard near La Guardia Airport.”

Lumenick hopped on the M60 bus and actually visited this place — alone, unarmed, no security escort.

“There appears to be more activity in neighboring rooms,” he writes. “One was showing straight porno, the other gay porno. The latter, I am told, is equipped with private booths for patrons’ use.

“When I begin asking the ticket-taker questions, he summons an assistant manager who said he needed to check with his lawyer. He later told me he was advised not to talk about the theater ‘because of the lawsuit.'”