A warm and relaxing time was enjoyed by all at Universal’s First Man gathering at the Sheridan Bar (6:30 to 9:30 pm). The usual journalistic suspects (myself, Pete Hammond, Sasha Stone, Chris Willman), Santa Barbara Film Festival honcho Roger Durling plus director Damien Chazelle, First Man costar Olivia Hamilton, screenwriter Josh Singer, producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, et. al. Delicious food and desserts in the rear salon, lotsa joshin’ and good cheer. Everyone got a good laugh out of the First Man ubiquitous flags tweet [below] that appeared early this morning.

(l. to r.) First Man screenwriter Josh Singer (also winner of the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Spotlight), producer Frank Marshall (also celebrating The Other Side of the Wind) and wife-producer Kathy Kennedy, director Damian Chazelle, producer Sid Ganis and wife Nancy Hult Ganis.