An agreeably spirited piece by Radar Online‘s Shana Ting Lipton about the zen of Hollywood party crashing. It’s not really about crashing the Vanity Fair party at Morton’s, though, except for the tip about dressing like a fire marshall with a tuxedo underneath.

It’s mainly about Rex Reginald, “the self-styled ‘King of the Party Crashers’ who claims that his story outline and party-crashing handbook were co-opted by New Line Cinema when they made the film Wedding Crashers.” (What handbook? There’s no link in Lipton’s piece, it’s not on Google and it’s not being sold on Amazon.) “Gate-crashers in Los Angeles make up an exclusive society that boasts perhaps 50 ‘really elite’ members,” Reginald tells Lipton. “It’s almost like the mafia. You have to be brought in and become a ‘made’ crasher.”