Two years ago I posted a nice monochrome snap of a Times Square wraparound billboard for Robert Siodmak and Mark Hellinger‘s The Killers (’46). The odd thing was that The Killers, which opened in late August, wasn’t showing at the Mayfair but at the legendary Winter Garden theatre. United Artists had briefly turned the decades-old venue into a movie palace between ’45 and ’46.

Last night I happened upon a somewhat blurry if richly colored snap of the same Mayfair Killers billboard along with a shot of the RKO Palace marquee, which had recently opened Orson WellesThe Stranger, a Nazi-hunting drama that costarred Welles, Edward G. Robinson and Loretta Young. It opened on 7.11.46.

Decent color snaps of 40s-era Times Square marquees are very hard to come by.