Ain’t It Cool’s Drew McWeeny was on the record with his Speed Racer rave yesterday, before David Poland. I should have acknowledged this when I posted my 5.7 piece at 1:19 pm. “I think critics are forgetting that part of our job is to not only say what we like, but to review a film based on the intent of that film,” he says. “Comparing Speed Racer to Andrei Tarkovsky or serious adult cinema is a sucker’s bet. Of course they don’t compare. But it’s one of the most outrageous visions in kid’s cinema since George Miller‘s Babe: Pig in the City. A good thing, in my book.”
First Showing‘s Alex Billington also posted positively yesterday.
“I’m actually glad to hear that you mildly enjoyed it,” he wrote this morning, “as I was expecting most people to hate it, especially with all of the commentary you had written previously. I really do think it’s a hard movie to like if you can’t step out of your own age and attempt to appreciate it for the kids movie it is. But then again, it does have its flaws and it’s impossible to get around those especially when it brings the movie down in some big ways.”