Some truly ghastly and horrific acts have been committed against civilians by pro-Gaddafi forces. Now that the conflict is coming to an end with rebels holding most of Tripoli and the last of the loyalists fighting back as we speak, decisions are being made about how to deal with pro-Gaddafi brutes (including the militant pro-Gaddafi female news anchor Hala Misrati, who was taken prisoner two or three hours ago). War is cruel, and the one centuries-old constant whenever a tyrant is overthrown is that the rebel forces will know the satisfaction of payback.

Gaddafi and the worst of his thug militia must pay for their sins, and I mean pay through the nose with all kinds of screaming and howling, if you catch my drift. If they were characters in a Tony Scott or Oliver Stone film, you know what would happen to them. The Gaddafi guys have made their blood-stained bed, and now they must lie in it.