Three days ago TheWrap‘s Steve Pond posted a pulse-of-the-industry column piece titled “5 Things to Worry About This Oscar Season, From Virtual Ceremonies to Awards Boredom.”

One of the problems, he writes, is that “we may have already seen almost all the big contenders.”A possible solution, he says, may come from Sundance ’21. Excerpt: “With Sundance taking place (largely virtually) at the end of January and Oscar qualifying extending to the end of February, a film or a couple of films could take Sundance by storm, schedule an immediate qualifying run, ride that burst of momentum to Oscar nominations and invigorate the race.”

HE to Pond: Sundance movies don’t take anything “by storm” any more. The days of Park City knockouts like An Education, Margin Call, West of Memphis, Manchester By The Sea and Call Me By Your Name bursting out of Sundance and reverberating all over the culture are over.

Three or four years ago Sundance transformed itself into a Khmer Rouge snow camp — a feminist-POC-LGBTQ wokey-woke forum for Millennial and Zoomer-favored Sundance head-trip flicks — films that will be streamed down the road by people who believe in the Sundance brand, but which will be mostly ignored by everyone except the Gotham and Spirit award nominators, and perhaps not even those guys.