For me the most eerie and bizarre aspect of Left Behind (Samuel Goldwyn, 10.3) is that over-sized shirt collar worn by Nicolas Cage in the poster. Will you look at that thing? I haven’t seen a movie star wearing a collar that gauche-looking since the ’70s, when elephant collars (so named because they look like Dumbo ears) were the sartorial norm. Okay, yes, there are people out there who wear oversized shirt-collars but they tend to be Kiwannis Club hinterlanders who shop at Sears and have no taste in the New York or Milan or Paris sense of that term. Movie stars are expected to look a little better (think Denzel’s airline pilot in Flight) than average people, and Cage — I’m sorry but what can I say? — looks like a total putz here. Look at that expression! “Duhhhh, I just wear what the wardrobe woman gives me…in any event this movie is about the rapture, not shirt collars!”