I hate trailers for big-name, heavily-promoted comedies because they always spoil too many punch lines and physical comedy stunts. I was excited about 22 Jump Street when the first teaser popped last December. Now it’s five and a half months later and I almost feel numb about it, which pisses me off because this obviously clever, possibly hilarious film would be a good deal more pleasurable if I hadn’t watched succeeding trailers 39 times. At least Scott Foundas‘s Variety review has me back in the mood. Costars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are “both marvelous physical comedians, and much of 22 Jump Street turns on Laurel-and Hardy-like juxtapositions of Hill’s short, stocky inertia against Tatum’s chiseled, gravity-defying grace. Tatum has been too good too many times now to still be deemed a revelation, but he seems especially boisterous and joyful here, like a mischievous first-grader trapped in a linebacker’s body, or perhaps a very deft comic actor who only belatedly came into a full sense of just how funny he can be. Whatever becomes of the Jump Street franchise from here, let no man put this acting partnership asunder.”