I admire and respect Quincy Jones as much as the next guy. He hasn’t done much since the ’80s, but he’ll always be cool. I was intrigued when I read that Jones’ ancestors include Betty Washington Lewis, a sister of president George Washington, and Edward I of England, and I loved that Vulture interview he gave earlier this year, and particularly an implication that Jones had enjoyed some kind of intimate contact with Ivanka Trump. But I had no interest in seeing Alan Hicks and Rashida JonesQuincy, as I don’t enjoy kiss-ass portraiture as a rule. The first 44 seconds of the trailer are suffocating in this regard.

I would love to sit down with the 85-year-old Jones for hours and hours and listen to his stories, but his friends need to give that “oh my God, what an awesome, genius-level talent!” shit a rest…no offense.