If Joe Biden fails to beat Donald Trump next November, a significant amount of blame (if not the lion’s share) will be on the shoulders of disgruntled Bernie Bros. The term is “Broxit” — the hardcore Bernie faithful bailing on the Democrat ticket by (a) staying home, (b) voting for Trump outright (as 12% of the flock did in ’16) or (c) promoting a Jill Stein-like third party alternative.

I was not a big Hillary Clinton fan in ’16, but I wasn’t Susan Sarandon either. The only intelligent and constructive thing to do with the lurking threat of Trump was to shake it off and vote for her — which I did. One-Term Joe has issues, granted, but far fewer negatives than Hillary. And his election would signify a return to decency and normalcy. There’s no alternative but to vote for him.

HE to Robert “Kid Notorious” Evans: As the most ardent Sanders supporter on this site, how real is the “Broxit” thing? And when push comes to shove — when it’s a choice between a sensible, fair-minded moderate liberal like Joe and the most dangerous sociopath President in the history of this nation, will you vote for Biden or not?