The Anak Krakatau volcano experienced a pair of relatively minor eruptions yesterday. They weren’t nearly as bad, I mean, as the Anak Krakatau eruption of 12.22.18, which launched a tsunami that took 437 lives. The volcano is located in Lampung, which is located between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

I was reminded that despite a noteworthy mention in Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, I’ve never had the slightest interest in watching Krakatoa, East of Java (’69), directed by Bernard Kowalski and costarring Maximilian Schell (when he was still slender and movie-star handsome, before he turned into Akim Tamiroff), Diane Baker, Brian Keith and Sal Mineo. It’s free on Amazon Prime.

Wiki excerpt: “The story is loosely based on events surrounding the 1883 eruption of the volcano on the island of Krakatoa, which is actually west of Java, but the producers thought that ‘East’ was a more atmospheric word, as it is located in the Far East. The characters are engaged in the recovery of a cargo of pearls from a shipwreck perilously close to the volcano.”

The December 2018 eruption: