How did Anthony Quinn feel when he first saw this poster in ’61 and knew that for the rest of his life certain movie fans would associate him with the idea of seething rage and muskrat teeth? And it’s all imagined by the illustrator. There isn’t a single scene in The Guns of Navarone in which Quinn gets angry at anyone, much less flashes his teeth. During most of the film he plays it steely and sullen. The one exception is an Act Two scene when he pretends to be a coward, moaning and whimpering and crawling around on the floor in front of Nazi captors.

This is one of the most repulsive movie posters ever created for anything. One look and you’re determined to never see this allegedly godawful film. From “Steve McQueen: A Biography“: “McQueen walked out of the first public sneak preview [of The Honeymoon Machine] and vowed never to work for MGM again despite being under contractual obligation for two more pictures.”