This Eat Pray Love trailer is slightly different than the last one (which surfaced in mid June). More dialogue. No patronizing mom. Billy Crudup gone. Two shots of perfect pasta dishes. Wise-man dialogue from Richard Jenkins, playing some kind of bearded Zen master. Same basic emphasis on relationships vs. spirituality. Same hip travelogue vibe.

We see James Franco calling Julia Roberts‘ “my queen” as he hands over folded “delicates” in a laundromat. There’s a bit more dialogue from Javier Bardem doing his charming Latin hound routine. There’s an excellent exchange in which an existentially depleted Roberts asks Viola Davis what she’s having for lunch and Davis goes “I don’t know, a salad” and Roberts goes “exactly!”

The copy line says “risk everything.” If you’ve got the money to travel for a year (and having travelled around and knowing what stuff costs over there, that’s a lot of fucking money — trust me), how much of a risk game can you be playing? She isn’t risking shit. She’s enjoying what maybe one-half of 1% of American women can afford to even think about, much less do.