The source of HE’s strength has always been the quality of the eyeballs (industry, media, ubers, early adopters) and not the general across-the-board numbers. But of course that’s all the ad-agency crunchers pay attention to and so they give HE arguments about this from time to time in terms of ad rates. It’s been suggested that I should dumb things down a little bit in order to punch up the page views. One of my proudest distinctions is having never once run one of those number-driven stories in which the headline says “10 Movies That You Probably Won’t Want To See in 2015” or something along those lines, so I guess I could start, you know, running those two or three times a week. If Hitfix can run these kind of stories why can’t I? I’m kidding. Seriously, what can I do to appeal to the Walmart-level ADD crowd?