Hollywood Elsewhere is leaving for the heavily-fortified garrison state known as the Beverly Hilton complex about 65 minutes from now. I’ll be live-blogging the Golden Globe awards starting at 5 pm, or as best I can from a viewing-party cocktail table What are the biggest possible upsets? I would be totally on-the-floor flabbergasted if Wes Anderson‘s Grand Budapest Hotel takes the Best Motion Picture, Comedy/Musical award away from Birdman, which some are suggesting could happen. I don’t expect that Cake‘s Jennifer Aniston will abscond with Julianne Moore‘s Best Actress, Drama award for her performance in Still Alice, but if this happens people will scream and howl and break champagne glasses. Selma‘s fate is, of course, already set in stone as far as the Oscar nominations are concerned, but if it wins the Best Motion Picture, Drama award tonight (which I believe is unlikely) and if it lucks out with a Best Picture Oscar nomination next Thursday morning (and the signs are not good for that either), people will start saying that Selma‘s shadow-over-LBJ stigma (i.e., having screwed the 36th President out of his proudest accomplishment in the eyes of impressionable none-too-brights who wouldn’t open a history book or consult a Wikipedia summary if their lives depended on it) has been lifted.