World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy has posted a reaction to Matt ReevesThe Batman (Warner Bros., 3.4.22).

And if (I say “if”) it indeed turns out to be a “very scary” genre horror film, great. Reeves’ version needed to do something else, go cuckoo-ass, jump the rails — it couldn’t just follow in the glum-dirge tradition of the Affleck imprint.

At the same time you can’t trust fanboys who’ve seen something early, especially when it’s a big brand thing. They’re too pleased with themselves for simply managing to see it. They’re emotionally unstable to a certain extent. You have to take what they say with grain of salt. They’re suddenly imagining themselves as Reeves’ collaborators, to a certain degree. They’re giving him friendly “notes.”

“Very graphic, very dark, very scary,” says Ruimy’s fanboy. And yet the first thing out of his mouth is not to praise RBatz (i.e., Robert Pattinson‘s lead performance) but to enthuse about Paul Dano‘s Riddler performance — “fucking crazy, so fucking scary, I loved every second.”

But his favorite character by far, he says, is Zoe Kravitz‘s Catwoman. “There’s a scene at the end that literally had everyone SCREAMING, everyone gasped…like it was a big NO WAY for everyone…the biggest mike drop.”

Somewhere in the middle he says that Pattinson’s Batman voice is “perfect,” whatever the hell that means.

Watching this Batman Forever tailer gives me a headache: